Staff and student exchange programmes

Staff and student exchange programmes

by admin | 2001-11-05 00:00:00

- Mr Chakorn Rassameephauengphou (KMUTT) visited Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) from 16 March - 24 May 2005 to participate in research activities in biological sciences, to learn about teaching methodologies at VUW and to strengthen the twinning programme between KMUTT and VUW.

- A visit by academic staff from KMUTT to Massey University and VUW in March 2006 to establish PhD cooperation including short-term placement of PhD students.

- Professor Xiao Xian from Yunnan University visited VUW from 20 October � 23 December 2005 as a visiting fellow to explore research links in Islamic studies focusing on Islamic extremism in Southeast Asia.

- A group of 17 staff from Khon Kaen University visited VUW in May 2005 to explore opportunities for research and PhD cooperation. A series of seminars on research and PhD Cooperation were held in commerce and economics, science and nursing.

- Professor Kenneth McKenzie from VUW provided a series of seminars at KMUTT from 29 � 31 August 2005 on aspects of material science with a view to developing cooperative research links and establish opportunities for PhD cooperation in materials science.

- Placement of a VUW Master of Development Studies student (Ms Hellen Haile) at the National Economics University Hanoi (NEU) in Feb/March 2006 to undertake a research project into labour standards in the garment industry.