GMSTEC2010: International Conference

Member Activities :: GMSTEC2010: International Conference

by denpong | 2010-08-25 12:22:11

The organizers welcome all kinds of research works which may be carried out at different locations but may be applicable to the sustainable development of the Greater Mekong Subregion. The topics including in the conference are listed below.

Session 1: Environment and Natural Resources
Topics:• Environmental Pollution Management and Control
 • Atmospheric pollution and Global Climate Change
 • Environmental Assessment (Impact, Risk and Life cycle)
 • Hazardous Waste Management and Control
 • Environmental Monitoring and Modeling
 • Food Agricultural Science and Technology
 • Natural Hazards and Mitigation
 • Technology for the Sustainability in/of Environmental and Natural Resources
 • Other related fields
Session 2: Energy and Materials
Topics:• Macromolecular Science and Applications
 • Nanoscience and Applications
 • Functional Materials
 • Alternative and Renewable Energy resources
 • Energy Materials
 • Management and Conservation
 • Other related fields
Session 3: Policy and Human Development
Topics:• Human Development
 • Resettlement and Labor Migration
 • Economic Development
 • Urban and Rural Development
 • Knowledge Management
 • Gender Equality
 • Public Participation
 • Public Health
 • Education in all disciplines
 • Eco-tourism
 • Innovative Education
 • Governance and Management for Sustainable Development
 • Other related fields
Session 4: Other Related Topics